Offering first-class amenities and walking distance to an abundance of retail stores.

At Presidential Center, a full spectrum of amenities and services provides comfort and convenience to the day-to-day business environment for our tenants.

The Lounge/Conference Room

Now open to Presidential Center is a glass-walled two-room tenant lounge.
The back room can be converted to a sizable conference room with a large mounted screen. Sleek, updated seating and various mind-stimulating games offer a refreshing pause from the typical work environment. The Lounge provides both collaborative and private work settings. The spacious rooms offer an area for client work, while peaceful breakout rooms will keep your focus in-tune.

Outdoor Seating

Presidential Center offers a private outdoor space to take a get some work done outside, grab quick bite in the sun or take a break.    

Car Charging Stations

Presidential Center equipped with a convenient car charging station for electric vehicle owners.

Surrounded by Walkable Amenities

Presidential Center is located in walking distance to many restaurants, shopping, fitness and other amenities.